New Faculty Librarian for Humanities and Social Sciences

From Monday 4 September Emma Stuart Edwards has taken up the position of Faculty Librarian for Humanities & Social Sciences, with Subject Librarian responsibilities for the Department of Economics and Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies.Capture

Emma has been working at the University of Bath Library for nearly ten years, having previously supported both the Faculty of Engineering and Design, Faculty of Science and Widening Participation. She replaces Katy Jordan as Faculty Librarian, following Katy’s change of role within the Library to join Research Services.

Emma gained FHEA status in 2016. She is interested in the role of the librarian in the classroom. She is keen to ensure students understand the practical applications of what they are being taught within library workshops so they can make best use of library resources in their coursework and use these skills in their future employment. Emma is “looking forward to working with H&SS staff and students”.

Kate Robinson, University Librarian, said: “I am delighted that Emma will be leading the Library’s Humanities and Social Sciences team. She has a wealth of ideas and a huge enthusiasm for the Library and its users. Katy Jordan leaves a strong legacy on which to build, but I am quite sure that Emma will relish this challenge”.

You can find Emma in room 5.01 on Level 5 of the Library, or contact her on ext. 5613, or by email


About Emma

Faculty Librarian for Humanities & Social Sciences. Subject Librarian for Economics and Politics, Languages and International Studies.
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