Refreshments and the Library environment

From Monday 5 February 2018 there are important changes to the Library’s food and drink regulations.

When you enter the Library via the turnstiles:-

  • Bottled soft drinks and water are permitted as well as drinks in re-useable cups with lids (e.g. KeepCups) and thermos flasks
  • Disposable cups are not permitted. This is in support of the University’s environmental initiatives and Leave No Trace campaign to reduce waste
  • Food is not allowed in the Library

New Library food and drink policy

Before you go through the turnstiles:-

Why have we made these changes?

A key element of the Library’s service to the University is to provide a space that is conducive to study. Food is limited to the snack area so as to minimise waste, avoid complaints about noise and smell related to food consumption, and to help us maintain a welcoming environment.

Bottled and lidded drinks help avoid spillage, stains to carpets and damage to Library equipment. We ask you to use re-usable or recyclable bottles or re-usable lidded-cups. Disposable cups such as those from coffee outlets are not permitted as these are very difficult to recycle and are often disposed of in landfill. Over 650,000 are thrown away on campus each year. To combat this disposable cup recycling bins have been introduced across campus.

There are several eateries and cafes on campus where food and drink can be consumed, as well as social spaces such as the student centre, graduate commons and the Library’s foyer snack area, where food and drink is permitted. Waste in these areas can be more effectively managed and wider initiatives are in place to reduce our environmental impact.leave no trace

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  1. daniel says:

    Very useful and interesting. Thankyou for sharing this Great article

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