International Women’s Day display

Library staff have put together a display for International Women’s Day on Level 2 of the Library. Please do come and visit! The overarching theme is, of course, International Women’s Day and the issues and movements that it calls to mind; it focuses on celebrating women’s successes and achievements, acknowledges the women who have been sources of inspiration and motivation for our colleagues throughout the Library, and supports an inclusive and progressive attitude to gender and equality.

In addition to this, there will be complimentary displays that put a subject specific slant on what is both a celebration of women and a recognition of the discriminatory challenges and issues they face. The first, from 7th – 14th of March, looks at Women in Architecture, and the second, from 14th – 21st March, focuses on Women in Science. Both highlight books and articles in the library’s collection that are relevant, and try to bring to the fore works authored by women in these subject areas.

Staff have complied a reading list to accompany Women in Architecture as we were unable to include everything in the display itself. It’s an extensive list of materials that inspired and informed the display and can be accessed by anyone with a university username and password, so feel free to have a look!

Collage IWD blogpost

Image by Meg Luscott

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