Enhanced Digimap access: UK maps & map data


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On 1 August 2018 the Library renewed its Digimap subscription for the University of Bath. Digimap is an online geospatial service developed by EDINA for use in higher education. It features a broad range of maps and downloadable map data (compatible with CAD and GIS software).

If you are already a registered user, you will notice next time you enter that you will need to agree to the license terms and conditions again before resuming access. If you are not yet registered it is a great time to jump in, register and explore the resource.

Familiar users will also see that visually it has had a significant overhaul, but most importantly, we have increased access from the three core packages we have maintained for several years, to the complete set of eight:

Previously we had access to contemporary Ordnance Survey maps, Historic and Environment (land cover) maps. Now, for the first time we have gained full access to Geological, Marine, Aerial and Lidar collections!

If you have any feedback on the product please don’t hesitate to contact the Library.


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