Springer ebooks update: 2018

Our Library’s ebook collections have been further enhanced this year with more than 11,000 new ebooks from the following Springer collections. These are largely frontfile additions for 2018. Additional 2018 titles will continue to be released and become available up until the end of the year.

We have also added the Chemistry and Materials archive ebooks from pre-1999, to give a full run from 1893 to present, Business and Economics ebooks for 2005-14, as well as 2016 and 2017 content for a variety of packages.*


By combining these latest ebooks with our existing Springer content, this gives us access to over 73,000 high quality scholarly ebook titles and more than 51,000 protocols. Follow the links below to search across the subject specific collections or search for individual titles by keyword on our Library catalogue:

Springer 2018

*Political Science and International Studies 2016-17, Behavioral Science and Psychology 2017, Biomedical and Life Science 2017, Education 2017, Mathematics and Statistics 2017, plus Physics and Astronomy 2017, all unlocked in 2018.

**Lecture Notes in Computer Science – we have access to the full content: 1973-2018!

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