Celebrate World Architecture Day 2018

Monday 1 Oct 2018 is World Architecture Day!

This is an event for architects around the world organised by The International Union of Architects (UIA). This year’s theme is “Architecture… for a better world!”

The UIA is celebrating its 70th anniversary. They conducted a poster competition, the results of which were released online. The winning entry can be seen on their news pages. In judging this entry they appreciated the “simplest, most powerful message. The world is our home, we make our homes in the world, and architecture is the means which we mediate our inhabitation.”

If you are inspired by architecture for a better world, search the Library catalogue for print and online materials to find out more. For example relating to sustainable or green building. Alternatively, here are some suggestions for socially-conscious or humanitarian architecture:

Feedback on these resources or recommendations of other resources are welcome.

Contact your Subject Librarian, David Stacey

To celebrate a year of architecture related blogging you can read some of our best posts here.

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