Explore our new 3D Library floorplans

We have just introduced interactive 3D floorplans of the Library. These replace the 2D plans you may be familiar with accessing via our Library catalogue records for print items.

These plans are principally to help users locate items from the catalogue, by highlighting the area of shelves in which the item should be located according to the level and class number. See this example for a book in the 370s on level 5.

There is also a searchable menu from which users can select other entities to locate too, for example:

  • Where to study e.g. individual, group, silent bookable/non-bookable and more
  • Where to get help e.g. service and info points
  • Find resources e.g. archives, language learning resources, short loan and more
  • Copy & Print e.g. location of everything from staplers to the change machine!
  • Toilets and amenities e.g. snack area, first aid, gender neutral toilets

You can tilt and rotate a plan using your mouse by holding down the left hand button, pan (move the plan around) by holding down the right hand button, and scroll in and out using the wheel. The plans work well on mobile phones and tablets too: use two fingers to tilt and rotate, pinch to zoom, and one finger to pan.


How were the plans made?

The software used to create the plans is provided by Wagner Wayfinder. It is used by a handful of other university libraries including Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester. They produced the floorplans in Sketchup using Estates CAD drawings. We manage the menus and locations in our plans via an admin website. It uses WebGL to render the graphics in the web browser.

Your feedback

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or contacting us at library@bath.ac.uk  Please be aware that whilst we are relocating books on Level 4, the exact floor plan locations for materials will be less precise.

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