Celebrating British Science Week 2019

British Science Week logoBritish Science Week is a week-long celebration of sciences, with various events taking place all around the country (and the University!). To mark the occasion, we have put together a display featuring a selection of titles from our ‘popular science’ reading list and free British Science Week stickers. Check out the display if you want to know more, it will remain in the Library foyer (Level 2) until the 17th of March.

British Science Week stickers

3 different models of stickers, all available from the display on Level 2 of the Library.

We also wanted to celebrate the people at the University who made some great contributions to the scientific field. We used SciVal, a powerful analytical tool, to highlight a small selection of impactful scientific papers written by our academics over the last 5 years. Click on the ‘article URL’ to read an article, or click on an author’s name to see their University of Bath researcher profile.

Beiglböck, M., Cox, A.M.G. and Huesmann, M., 2017. Optimal transport and Skorokhod embedding. Inventiones Mathematicae, 208(2), pp. 327-400.

Article URL

Birks, T.A., Gris-Sánchez, I., Yerolatsitis, S., Leon-Saval, S.G. and Thomson, R.R., 2015. The photonic lantern. Advances in Optics and Photonics, 7(2), pp. 107-167.

Article URL

Caliskan, A., Bryson, J.J. and Narayanan, A., 2017. Semantics derived automatically from language corpora contain human-like biases. Science, 356(6334), pp. 183-186.

Article URL

Corti, A., Haskins, M., Nordström, J. and Pacini, T., 2015. G2-Manifolds and associative submanifolds via semi-fano 3-folds. Duke Mathematical Journal, 164(10), pp. 1971-2092.

Article URL

Duro, J.A., Padget, J.A., Bowen, C.R., Kim, H.A. and Nassehi, A., 2016. Multi-sensor data fusion framework for CNC machining monitoring. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 66-67, pp. 505-520.

Article URL

Eames, C. and Islam, M.S., 2014. Ion intercalation into two-dimensional transition-metal carbides: Global screening for new high-capacity battery materials. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136(46), pp. 16270-16276.

Article URL

Ghanbarian, A.T. and Hurst, L.D., 2015. Neighboring genes show correlated evolution in gene expression. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 32(7), pp. 1748-1766.

Article URL

Lipani, L., Dupont, B.G.R., Doungmene, F., Marken, F., Tyrrell, R.M., Guy, R.H. and Ilie, A., 2018. Non-invasive, transdermal, path-selective and specific glucose monitoring via a graphene-based platform. Nature Nanotechnology, 13(6), pp. 504-511.

Article URL

Maher, S., Mrsny, R.J. and Brayden, D.J., 2016. Intestinal permeation enhancers for oral peptide delivery. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 106, pp. 277-319.

Article URL

Richardson, G., O’Kane, S.E.J., Niemann, R.G., Peltola, T.A., Foster, J.M., Cameron, P.J. and Walker, A.B., 2016. Can slow-moving ions explain hysteresis in the current-voltage curves of perovskite solar cells? Energy and Environmental Science, 9(4), pp. 1476-1485.

Article URL

Vinther, J., Stein, M., Longrich, N.R. and Harper, D.A.T., 2014. A suspension-feeding anomalocarid from the Early Cambrian. Nature, 507(7493), pp. 496-499.

Article URL

Wolverson, D., Crampin, S., Kazemi, A.S., Ilie, A. and Bending, S.J., 2014. Raman spectra of monolayer, few-layer, and bulk ReSe2: An anisotropic layered semiconductor. ACS Nano, 8(11), pp. 11154-11164.

Article URL

The criteria to select these papers were:

  • High number of citations within the subject area
  • Published in a journal with high impact factor
  • Published by University of Bath researchers (often in collaboration with others) between 2014 and 2018

You can find out more about SciVal and publication data on our research analytics page. Happy science week!

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