Digimap update: Global and Society Roam trial access

Our subscription to EDINA’s Digimap service gives our staff and students online access to current (OS) and historic maps and map data for the UK, as well as Environment (land cover), Geological, Marine, Aerial and Lidar content.

Until 31 July 2019 we also have trial access to the following packages:

Global Roam (Beta): explore international maps and data (OpenStreetMap, Natural Earth and Collins Bartholomew World Panorama content). Upload data or map layers using a WMS feed.

World Panorama Data - Collins Bartholomew

Society Roam: explore more than 40 layers of processed 2011 census data – for individuals e.g. health, economic activity, for households e.g. home type, number of cars, internet access, and also neighbourhood classifications e.g. from rural residents to constrained city dwellers.

In need of inspiration? Digimap’s maps and data can be used in many ways. EDINA provide a number of case study examples. Here at Bath, Digimap is most popular with Architecture & Civil Engineering students, who may manipulate the content using CAD and GIS software.

The trial content may open up more possibilities for other disciplines e.g. Social Scientists (Society Roam e.g. health and crime analysis) and Management students (use of geodata for market intelligence, business cases, etc).

Coming soon! Maps and data for Northern Ireland will soon be added to OS Roam.

Did you know? Researchers who need Royal Mail address data can contact EDINA directly to find out how they can make a request and how much it will cost – edina@ed.ac.uk

Get started now: Register for and access Digimap

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