Beware of email scams

We have been made aware of attempts to obtain users’ login information via scam emails claiming to come from the Library Issue Desk.  Borrowers are being asked to login to a fake page in order to resolve issues relating to renewing loans.

The Library does regularly send automated messages with advice about borrower loans that are due for return as well as monthly reports on your current loans status.  The advice given on those mails is to contact the Library Issue Desk via to resolve account queries.

You should always login to your account via the Library homepage.

Please note that Library staff will never have any reason to demand you input your Computing Services password online to renew loans, restore an account or similar.  You would never be asked to send us your Computing Services password over email either.

If we need to contact you about a problem on your account, you will receive a message from a named individual working in the library.   But it is more likely we will respond to queries from borrowers than initiate conversations about your borrowing account.

If you are concerned about account security issues or you have already shared your login information by mistake, please contact the Computing Services Helpdesk for advice.

For further information about email scams please visit the Computing Services advice page at


About Chris Roberts

Reader Services Librarian, Library Issue Desk, University of Bath
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