Step-by-step guide to conducting a Systematic Review

Anyone who’s conducted a systematic review will know that this involves a lot more than “simply” summarising and evaluating a range of literature on a topic.  The whole process can be very prescribed, structured and somewhat daunting!  So, to help add some clarity to the process, the Library has written a new Systematic Reviews Guide which covers the following steps:

  • Formulating a question
  • Writing a protocol
  • Searching the literature
  • Managing references
  • Selecting studies
  • Assessing evidence
  • Writing-up

Please note:

  • Subject coverage: generally, the topics of systematic reviews relate to health or medicine, but they are becoming more common in other areas such as psychology and social policy.
  • Cochrane Interactive Learning tutorial: at various stages in the guide, you can get further in-depth advice by signing-up to the Cochrane tutorial (provided through a library subscription).  If you choose to complete one or more of its assessments, you can download a certificate for each one that you pass.   

Feedback welcome! 
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