New Library Display: Well-being books and Black History Month

The Library has set up a new permanent display collection of Well-being and Health books (bought with funds from Widening Participation and the Library).  These are all borrowable and we hope all students and staff will find them interesting and useful.

The display area is on Level 2 of the Library, next to the current newspapers and facing the student lift.

Adjacent to this permanent display is a temporary display for Black History Month (October 2019).

Well-being books: a new permanent display of books on all aspects of health and well-being. This includes new and returning titles, as well as items from the Read Well campaign which launched earlier this year. Browse the full Library List of Read Well titles online.

Black History Month it is October (BHM) and we are celebrating with a pop-up display for the month. The titles here are new purchases that reflect key issues and also popular fiction. Browse the Library List of selected titles online. They are shelved to the right of the Well-being display pictured above.

We hope you enjoy these displays. If you would like to provide any feedback or recommendations for books or display topics, please contact:

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