Study spaces for revision and exams

quietPlease be considerate to your fellow students during the revision period by keeping noise to a minimum on the Library’s quiet floors (Levels 1, 3 and 4) and maintaining silence on Level 5. Don’t forget we also have our newer Level 1 Quiet Study Area which has 115 seats.

Quiet and silent study space is very popular at this time of year. In the past we have been asked to clear desks that have been ‘reserved’ by students by leaving their belongings unattended for long periods of time. For January, we would like to try a different, student-led approach in agreement with the SU:

The Library will be introducing ‘take a break’ slips which you can leave on your desk to indicate when you are on a short break or a longer break, up to 90 mins e.g. for lunch. You can find these slips outside our Information Points and at the Issue Desk on Level 2. If you are not going to be using your study space for a longer period of time, please take your belongings with you.


There is a wealth of information on alternative study spaces both on and off-campus which you can make use of for revision.

For information on Library spaces (group, individual, bookable) and other study venues around campus see: study areas and bookable workrooms. We aim to collate extended opening hours for Learning Commons on this page once announced.

There are also other rooms available on campus including the various Learning Commons and Graduate Commons. Here is a quick virtual tour of these spaces. Why not try our quick study space personality quiz, to find out which suits you best?

The University is again making additional spaces available to students for study. Dates and times of rooms available are listed by week.

Find out more from the web pages listed below and keep an eye on the Library homepage and Instagram account for more information – for example a display of exam skills and stress busting books on Level 2. The SU has a lot going on too, so be sure to check out their Study Well page for events!

Please also remember to observe our food and drink regulations – reusable, bottled/lidded drinks are acceptable. Food can be consumed in the Snack Area at the front of Level 2 but not beyond the entry gates.

Good luck with your exams!
The Library

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