Artfilms Digital trial access – stream films online until 30 April 2020

We have set up free trial access to the Artfilms Digital Collection so as to gauge interest and potential demand for this product. They offer educational institutions a choice of DVDs or subscription streaming for thousands of videos across a broad range of subject areas. There are more than 20 subject subdivisions. A few closely match our department interests, for example:

  • Architecture and Design (41 titles)
    g. Norman Foster; Bauhaus – Myth of the Modern; Dynamic Shapes – Architecture Through the Lens
  • History/Politics (41 titles)
    g. Heroes of the Enlightenment – Changing Society; Palestine Post 9/11; The Boy Mir – Ten Years in Afghanistan
  • Language/Literature (97 titles)
    g. Introduction to French Literature; Identity: Defining Ourselves Through Language; Interpreting in Legal Settings

The trial access uses IP authentication. If you are connected you will see ‘Connected with University of Bath’ at the top of the interface. You may need to refresh your browser to ensure you are successful.

artfilms digital - educating imagination

If you have any feedback on this product and trial access, please contact



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