Loans and expired library cards

Students graduating this summer will find that their library cards expire on or around 31 July.  You may have received automated emails from the Library Management system advising you that books cannot be renewed after that date.

For now, any advice you’ve had from library staff already still stands: we would ask that you hold onto your loans safely for the time being.  If you are already away from Bath and have no plans to return for any other reason,  there is no requirement for you to return to Bath in person now or in the near future for the sole purpose of returning our books.

For many graduating students we have your personal email addresses on record. As and when we can offer further details in relation to procedures for returning your outstanding loans, we will pass that information on.

In the meantime, we cannot extend your membership of the library any further as your course has officially ended. We do need to keep a record of the loans’ status to manage ongoing library circulation services.  It’s possible you might receive further automated overdue or lost item emails in the days to follow but these can be safely ignored in the current circumstances. 

If you have any further queries or concerns please contact us via


About Chris Roberts

Reader Services Librarian, Library Issue Desk, University of Bath
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