Library study spaces: online booking

The Library’s study spaces  must now be booked online. The process is explained below:

Booking our study spaces

Study space booking infographic 1Current staff and students can book Library study spaces online at:

Study spaces must be booked for use. This is to ensure that our Covid-limited spaces are used safely by as many as possible

You can book up to 7 days in advance so that you can find an available space before you set off

You can book a space for up to 4 hours at a time

With a minimum of 1 hour between bookings i.e. bookings cannot be consecutive

Bookings timeslots are available Monday to Sunday

To give flexibility, timeslots can commence on the hour or half past the hour

Booking infographic 2

After you have booked a space you will
receive a confirmation email

Follow the link in the email to verify the booking. You must do so within an hour of placing the booking

You can cancel a booking at any time by following a link from the confirmation email

A reminder of your booking email will be sent to you 2 hours before your booking begins

When you arrive at the space you have booked, you must check-in using the link in your booking confirmation email

You need to check-in within 15 minutes of the start of your booking, otherwise it will be cancelled and the space will become available for booking again

You must vacate the building when your allocated time slot is finished

Please observe the following regulations in the Library’s Study Spaces

Library regulations infographicAll students and staff must observe social distancing and regularly wash their hands

Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance of the building and must be used

Face coverings must be worn within the building unless you have an exemption or are seated at a study space

One-way systems will operate around the library, these must be adhered to

Entrances and exit routes will be clearly signposted within the building

Food is not allowed in the Library Study areas, except in teaching spaces at the front of Levels 3, 4 and 5 (during taught sessions)

Bottled soft drinks and water are permitted as well as drinks in re-useable cups with lids and thermos flasks. Disposable cups are not permitted

Please keep the Library windows open – good ventilations helps us stay safe

Contact the Library:

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