Celebrating Black History Month: The Black Literature and Culture Collection

Image by ekavesh from Pixabay 

Black History Month (BHM) takes place in October and this year’s BHM should prove even more thought-provoking than usual given the dramatic impact of George Floyd’s death just a few month ago. We’ve seen an increased willingness in people to confront present-day realities by finding out more about historic legacies and by listening to a wider range of voices. The Library supports these endeavours through the ongoing development of its Black Literature and Culture Collection.

The collection consists of popular fiction and academic books, with themes ranging from UK/international perspectives, healthcare, immigration, the internet, justice, radicalism, white privilege, body politics, feminism, trangenderism, queer identity and beyond. Please browse the Library List of titles in the collection – you’ll notice that some of the titles include links to e-book copies that you can read online for free.

You can also vote for new books that you would like added to the collection (from a listed of 49 suggested titles). To register your vote, please complete this short survey. In the final section of the survey, you’ll have the opportunity to recommend further books. Alternatively, you can email any recommendations to library@bath.ac.uk

About Peter Bradley

Subject Librarian for Health and Social & Policy Sciences. University of Bath. The Library, Level 5: P.G.Bradley@bath.ac.uk
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