Now made easier: armchair travel

Fernweh, noun, ˈfɛʁnveː, German, the strong desire to travel, literally “far sickness”.

Wanderlust, noun, ˈwɒndəlʌst, German, a strong impulse or longing to travel, literally “walking desire”.

Are you feeling Fernweh or Wanderlust?

Are you normally going away during the vacation?

Here are books from all over the world that will transport anywhere, just from your comfy bed, or the public park bench:

Down Under by Bill Bryson

 Our favourite travel writer goes down under! Bill Bryson, who is famous for his entertaining travel books, takes the step to the other end of the world. I anticipate sun and waves and surfers!

Three Summers by Margarita Lymperakē

Another sunny book! This one is set in the countryside near Athens. For everyone who likes reading about sisters and coming-of-age.

McCarthy’s bar: a Journey of Discovery in Ireland by Pete McCarthy

This travel book promises to be amusing too – Pete McCarthy is travelling Ireland and finds pubs that look like veg stalls – and tourist traps that look like pubs! I am sure this comedy star‘s travel book will make you chuckle!

A Book of India by B.N. Pandey

If you long for the flavours of India, this book is just right for you. It is the perfect read to cure some Fernweh as it is not only about the history of India but also about its culture, songs and rites.

So, no need to travel far, just pop in to the library. You can find the four books and many more on our International Book List

If you want to use the free time to daydream or plan your next trip (when we are allowed), we have great collections of maps and guide books too:



Wishing you a great vacation time from all the library staff.

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