Changes to Library Study Spaces after Easter

We’re making it easier for you to find and use individual study spaces when you need them in the Library by removing the need to book. This decision is supported by data from the bookings system (Libcal) which shows that these types of study spaces are rarely booked.

This means that more than 1,000 individual study spaces, with and without PCs, across all floors of the Library will now be available for drop-in use, in addition to the flexible study spaces on Level 2, which have been extremely popular.

We know our bookable individual and group work rooms are in high demand so these are still bookable. You can book these spaces in advance through Libcal. Individual study spaces in open areas in other buildings also remain available to book. Please remember to activate your booking within 15 minutes of arriving, and to cancel any bookings you no longer require:

You can visit the following webpage for more information on Where you can study on campus and in the city.

Best wishes,

Your Library

Image of level 2 of the Library
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