Celebrating Women in Science

To celebrate conjointly International Women’s Day and British Science Week, library staff have put together a display on the topic of Women in Science. You will find it on Level 2 of the Library, from the 14th to the 21st of March. The display features women who have pioneered the fields of science and engineering and you can read more about their fascinating lives and work in the books specially selected for the occasion.

To complement the physical display, we have selected some interesting e-books and articles on the topic of women in science, available from the library collection (simply click on the link):

engineering women book cover


Engineering Women: Re-visioning Women’s Scientific Achievements and Impacts by Jill S. Tietjen


advancing women book cover


Advancing Women in Science, an International Perspective ed. by Willie Pearson Jr., Lisa M. Frehill, Connie L. McNeely


recoding gender book cover


Recoding Gender: Women’s Changing Participation in Computing by Janet Abbate


the unforgotten sisters book cover


The Unforgotten Sisters: Female Astronomers and Scientists before Caroline Herschel by Gabriella Bernardi


Celebrating women in science, an article from Science magazine

Gender Matters, by Jennifer Blue, Adrienne Traxler, and Ximena Cid (article published in this month’s issue of Physics Today)

Finally, British Science Week is also the occasion to attend a wide range of events taking place in and around the campus:

bath taps into science logo

Bath Taps into Science is a festival which aims at inspiring children and families with scientific talks and activities. Discover more about the festival and its events here.

Check out the latest scientific talks and conferences happening on campus and around Bath here

We hope you enjoy this week!

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International women’s day – part 2

For International women’s day, the University of Bath Library put together a display that explored the different women who had inspired the Library Staff.

During the week, while the display was up, the Library asked its users who had inspired them and we received a great response of names from our users.

These names have been now formed into a new collage display on Library level 2, sharing with everyone the women who have inspired the University of Bath.

Come check out the new inspirations.


Photo by Meg Luscott

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The Management Resources of the Month: March


The two management resources of the month are:





To get full access to either OSIRIS or FAME you must enter via the University Library website’s, Management Subject page. Once there, select the link ‘Company, Financial & Legal Information’ and embedded in this area is the link for Osiris and Fame.

Fame search bar

What does Fame allow me to Access?
Fame covers private and public companies, in the UK and Ireland
• Financial information
• Directors and Managers Information
• Financial strength metrics
• Shareholders, subsidiaries and branches

Helpful videos:

Osiris search bar

What does Osiris allow me to Access?
Osiris covers public companies globally
• Detailed stock data
• Free Infographics
• Corporate structure
• Peer analysis
• Corporate actions and dividends

Helpful videos

A display is running on Library level 5 for a month, promoting the benefits of using Fame and Osiris to support student studies and staff research


Visit our display and take away a freebie to remind you of the vast wealth the resource can offer.


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New artwork on Level 2 celebrates University’s history

A new wall display arrived on Level 2 of the Library over the Christmas holiday. We wanted a permanent way to mark the University’s 50th birthday in 2016/2017. Inspired by the iconic cover of The Beatles’ album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band recorded in 1966/1967, our version of the original design by Peter Blake and Jann Haworth features lots of images from the archives; some held in deposited collections, some taken by the University Photographer and some donated by alumni. Together they document just about every aspect of the University’s rich and colourful history. We hope you enjoy it.

sgt 1     sgt 2     Library artwork 3

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International Women’s Day display

Library staff have put together a display for International Women’s Day on Level 2 of the Library. Please do come and visit! The overarching theme is, of course, International Women’s Day and the issues and movements that it calls to mind; it focuses on celebrating women’s successes and achievements, acknowledges the women who have been sources of inspiration and motivation for our colleagues throughout the Library, and supports an inclusive and progressive attitude to gender and equality.

In addition to this, there will be complimentary displays that put a subject specific slant on what is both a celebration of women and a recognition of the discriminatory challenges and issues they face. The first, from 7th – 14th of March, looks at Women in Architecture, and the second, from 14th – 21st March, focuses on Women in Science. Both highlight books and articles in the library’s collection that are relevant, and try to bring to the fore works authored by women in these subject areas.

Staff have complied a reading list to accompany Women in Architecture as we were unable to include everything in the display itself. It’s an extensive list of materials that inspired and informed the display and can be accessed by anyone with a university username and password, so feel free to have a look!

Collage IWD blogpost

Image by Meg Luscott

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Campus closure from 1pm Thursday

Due to severe winter weather conditions, the University will be closing from 1pm on Thursday 1 March.

This means that there will be no staffed services in the Library after 1pm.

However, so long as Security staff are based in the Library entrance the building should remain open for study, access to resources and Self-Service facilities.

Please note that borrowers can reset PIN numbers to borrow books via the link on the Library homepage:  Change your PIN

The Issue Desk will take account of closure days in relation to any books that are due for return while staffed services are unavailable.

Please watch the University homepage for further updates regarding the closed status of the University in the coming days.



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Stay cosy while you study today!

The Library heating system will be working hard to keep the building toasty in this severe wintry weather.  But if you’re finding it a bit chilly around the building while you are studying, please borrow a library blanket for the day.

We’ve got a large box of blankets sitting opposite the Issue Desk on Level 2.  Feel free to pick one up and take it back to your study desk or PC then settle in out of the snow while you work.


Just roll it up and leave it in the box when you head back out into the winter weather later.

Please do take care of yourselves and keep warm in the coming days.

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