Christmas Vacation Loan periods

The Library will be adjusting the due dates of borrowed books in the coming days to allow borrowers to take books home for study over the Christmas vacation where items have not already been requested by other borrowers.

From Tuesday 5 December, the loan period for any new loans borrowed from general Library stock will be extended to Wednesday 10 January to skip the Christmas vacation.

Similarly, we are working to automatically extend loan periods for items you already have in the next few days.   Items that are successfully renewed in the coming days will be due for renewal or return on Wednesday 10 January 2018 at the earliest.

If another user places a reservation on these items after they’ve been borrowed or renewed, the earliest we would expect them to be returned is Wednesday 10 January 2018.  Any request notification email would show 10 January as the due date.

Any items that cannot be renewed this week due to requests by other borrowers will be due for return between now and the end of the academic session on Friday 15 December.

Please note that 3-day Loan Language Learning Zone course books and DVDs will be due back after 3-days as normal.  Also Short Loan Collection books kept at the Library Issue Desk remain 24-hour loans.  From Friday 22 December, when library staff leave for the vacation, the loan period on these items will be extended to take account of the Christmas vacation period.

Items without any user requests on them will be renewed as normal from Wednesday 10 January.

If you have any queries please refer to your borrower account or contact Issue Desk staff to confirm the status of your loans.

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Research Portal launched

Our research publications repository has had a makeover with the launch of the Research Portal at Bath. The Portal showcases the expertise of our staff, including their outputs, research projects, collaboration maps and ‘fingerprints’ which draw out key themes of research.


University of Bath staff – if you have not already done so we would encourage you to check and update your information in the portal (emails have recently sent about how to do this), focusing on adding your photo, research interests and fingerprints.  The Faculty Marketing Teams have also developed guidance on how to update your profile in Pure:

If you have any queries about the Research Portal generally, please contact  For queries specifically about publications and open access, please email, or phone the Research Publications team on +(44) 1225 38 5114 (internal extension x5114).


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When are my Library books due back?

You might be a new student at Bath this year, you may have been on placement for the last academic year or perhaps you’ve never used the library since automatic renewals were introduced in Spring 2016.   In any case, it’s possible that you are unsure about how our loans procedures work and more importantly when your books are due for return to the library.

I’m drafting this post to answer some common queries or concerns that arise at the Library Issue Desk about the mysterious system of “automatic renewals” used at Bath.

When is my book due back in the Library?

At its simplest, your book will be due back when someone else asks for it.   Your book will also be due for return on the 12 month anniversary of the original loan – we like to know that the book is still available for circulation by seeing it in the Library once a year.  Lastly, your books will be due for return by the expiry date of your library membership as shown on your card or by the end of Semester 2 if you are graduating that year.

For as long as there are no requests on the item from other borrowers, the Library will automatically renew/extend the loan by 7 days every week. 

How will I know when someone else needs it or I need to bring it back for some other reason?

The Library will send a system generated email advising you to bring the book back by the due date shown.

The mail will also list the reasons why we are asking for it back as shown above.

What if I am away from campus or I left the book at home on the day it is due?

Please just bring the loan item back as soon as possible after the due date shown.  Email or phone the Issue Desk via 01225 385000 if you are worried or if you are going to be away for an extended period of time.   This advice is also in the request email.

How do I renew or extend the loan period?

The Library automatically tries to renew/extend all loans one week after they were borrowed or last renewed and will keep doing that every week while you have the item.  There is no need for you to renew the books yourself – this is the key difference between the current system and the new automatic renewals policy.

If you like you can still access your borrower account online and renew the books yourself for one week at a time, but you can just let the library do the work for you.

What about late fines?  Will I be charged for bringing books back late?

For most books borrowed from the shelves on the Subject Levels, we don’t charge a daily late fee.  However, if you ignore our request messages, you’ll get regular overdue reminder emails, Library staff may be in contact seeking the book back and ultimately your account will be billed £40 for the replacement cost of the title after 4 weeks if it is not returned.

There are some fines still charged for late return of some items:

  • Short Loan Collection books – charged at £5 per day overdue
  • Inter-Library Loans – charged at 80p per day overdue
  • Language Learning Zone books and DVDs – charged at £1 per day overdue

Please remember that requests are placed by your classmates, peers and colleagues and they are being disadvantaged when books are brought back late.

The loan receipt/email says I can only have the book for one week!

In practical terms, you are correct, the books on the subject floors are all 7-day loans and issued for one week at a time.  If you finish with it in that time, then bring it back to the Library.  If you still need it you don’t have to do anything, we’ll try to automatically renew the book for you but you should look out for a message about a “Change to your borrowed item” that will advise if and when you need to bring it back.

Books are issued for 7-days so that we can get them back in a reasonable time when borrowers place reservations.

The automatic renewals system was new in Spring 2016.  Many of our 360,000+ stock items may still have an old date label inside showing that they are 7-day or 28-day books.  We are in the process of covering up this information to reduce user confusion.

The vast majority of items should be thought of as 7-day loans with automatic renewals.  There are some exceptions though:

  • Short Loan items are due at the end of the next working day Monday to Friday – no automatic renewals!
  • Inter-Library Loans have a fixed non-renewable due date too
  • Some Language Learning zone books and all the DVDs are due after 3-days


I got the book first why should I have to bring it back to the Library when someone requests it?

As the University Library we aim to provide a selection of key resources and study materials for the entire University.  Our printed collection is a shared resource – we don’t have enough space or resources to buy a copy of every book for every student or staff member!  Through careful management of the collection, purchase of additional copies and ebooks wherever possible, use of the Short Loan Collection and Digitisation services we try very hard to fulfil every member of this institution’s requirement for print and online resources.

However, it is very likely that you will find that core texts and readings need to be shared by large groups of students over a short period of time.  Our reservations system is designed to maximise circulation of our stock to these groups in a fair and consistent way and relies on all our patrons sharing the resources accordingly.

I have another question, worry or concern about borrowing Library books..?

We also send a monthly summary statement by email about your borrowing that shows all the books on your account at that time.  If anything on that report is wrong or you are unsure about it, please do get in touch.

You can come and ask staff at the Library Issue Desk about your account at anytime Library opening times.  You can mail the Library or call via 01225 385000 if you have any queries, you are unsure about items on your account or when books are due.


Chris Roberts, Reader Services Librarian

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Additional silent study space in the Library

_DSC0191Over the summer the Self Access Language Centre (SALC) rebranded to the Language Learning Zone and moved from the front of Level 5 to the back of Level 3 of the Library. In its place and by popular demand, the Library has created a new individual silent study zone. The room has seating for 36 students and each desk has a double power socket and USB charging points.

IMGP5758 (002)Faculty Librarian for Humanities & Social Sciences, Emma Stuart Edwards said “This is a bright and airy location and we know students who come to Level 5 for silent study will really enjoy working here”. Pro-Vice Chancellors Peter Lambert and Jonathan Knight visited the Library last week and admired the new space.  They are pictured here with Helen Rhodes, Subject Librarian (School of Management) and Emma Stuart Edwards, Faculty Librarian (Humanities & Social Sciences).



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Springer ebooks update: 2017

Our ebook collections have been further enhanced with thousands of new ebooks from the following Springer collections.

Additional 2017 titles will be released and become available up until the end of the year. We have also added Chemistry and Materials ebooks from 2000-2004, to give a full run from 2000 to present.


By combining these latest ebooks with our existing Springer content, this gives us access to over 62,000 high quality scholarly ebook titles and over 48,000 protocols. Follow the links below to search across the subject specific collections or search for pre-2017 titles by keyword on our Library catalogue:

*Lecture Notes in Computer Science – we have access to the full content: 1973-2017!

springer 2017 books

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New e-Resources | WYWA 2017

wywa6Engineering & Design

  • Frontfile e-book collections acquired:
    – IEEE-Wiley 2017
    – Springer Chemistry & Materials 2017 plus 2000-2004 backfile
    – Springer Energy 2017 & Engineering 2017
  • New e-journal subscriptions:
    Nature Reviews Materials
    – Nature Energy
    Physical Review Applied
  • IMechE conference proceedings & journal archive
    (18 titles)


  • e-Journal backfile packages acquired:
    1) Wiley Chemical Societies (includes Annalen der Chemie, Chemische Berichte)
    2) Adis journals backfile collection (Springer) : Pharmacy titles including Drugs and Clinical Pharmacokinetics
  • 19 Individual e-journal backfiles acquired – search our Library catalogue by title see image to the right

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • wywa7Taylor & Francis collection ‘Sociology & Related Disciplines’
    (includes 26 journal titles)
  • Thomson Reuters Emerging Sources Citation Index backfile (added to Web of Science database) – adds records from 7,500 additional journal titles for the years 2005-14
  • Oxford Handbooks Online 2017:
    Business and Management; Economics and Finance; and Political Science
  • Springer e-books:
    Business & Management plus Economics & Finance 2017

wywa logo

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While You Were Away – Space & Power

More study space… and e-journals

  • wywa5aWe’ve removed rows of print journals which we now purchase electronically, freeing up space across the floors to improve our study areas
  • We’ve increased our e-journals again, from c. 21,000 to 24,000 titles
  • We’ve updated study areas across the library and added 50 additional study seats
  • The SALC has moved from Level 5. In its place we’ve created a new, refurbished, individual silent study zone
  • We’ve refurbished and updated: the quiet study room at the back of Level 3; the group work room at the front of Level 4; and our new permanent study room on the East of Level 4

Let there be light… and power!

  • wywa5bWe’ve added double power sockets and USB charging points to 60 desks at the front of level 4,
  • We’ve new LED lighting on Level 3 – it’s brighter and more energy efficient!
  • We’ve installed new blinds at the front of the Library, cutting glare across the PC areas

Enter the Language Learning Zone

  • globeThe new Language Learning Zone (formerly Self Access Language Centre) launched in September. It’s on Level 3, just by the North staircase
  • The associated Language collections – books and multimedia – are now on the open shelves on Level 3, next to our Literature journals
  • Language DVDs are by the Issue Desk on Level 2

wywa logo

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