NEW! Trial access to Henry Stewart journals: business and management collection until 31st March 2020

The Library has organised trial access to a collection of 20 business and management journals published by Henry Stewart Publications. The collection comprises nearly 6,000 online vocational articles, case studies and applied research written by expert practitioners and leading scholars.

The journals are vocational and known for preparing students for the world of work and for continuing professional education programmes for executives.

Subjects covered include marketing, management, finance and banking, real estate and digital business.

The Journals:

Marketing: Applied Marketing Analytics; Journal of Brand Strategy; Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy; Journal of Digital Media Management; Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing; Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing.

Finance: Journal of Data Protection & Privacy; Journal of Digital Banking; Journal of Financial Compliance; Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems; Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions; Journal of Securities Operations & Custody.

Management: Cyber Security Journal; Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning; Journal of Airport Management; Management in Healthcare; Journal of Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Procurement.

Real Estate/Property: Corporate Real Estate Journal; Journal of Building Survey, Appraisal & Valuation; Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal.

Digital Business: Journal of Digital Media Management; Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing; Cyber Security Journal; Journal of Data Protection & Privacy; Journal of Digital Banking

You’ll find all the journals on the Library Catalogue and you can access the collection on Ingenta Connect. Please provide feedback on this trial to the School of Management Librarian, Helen Rhodes on

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Beware email ‘phishing’ attempts

University of Bath students and staff may be targeted by ‘phishing’ attacks – emails pretending to come from the Library, IT services or other university professional services.

We’d like to remind all users of the official advice offered by the Digital, Data & Technology (DD&T) Group detailed here: 

[The University] will never ask for your login details or personal information by email. If you get an email like this, it could be an attempt at fraud known as ‘phishing’.

The phishing email is usually an urgent message with a link to a website that copies an official page, but is actually fake, such as the University login portal. The fraudster will try to trick you into entering [personal] information that is useful to gain access to any of your accounts or financial information […].

If you have followed a link in a phishing email

  1. If you have entered any financial details, contact your bank immediately and tell them that you have been the victim of an email scam. Do not wait to contact DD&T before doing this.
  2. If you have entered your University password, change it using Account Manager. If you have used this password on other accounts, change it on those as well.
  3. Contact the Service Desk so we can advise you what to do next.
  4. Run a full antivirus scan on your computer or device.


The library does send a number of automated advisory emails about borrower accounts, reservations and item recalls.  However,  the Library would never have any reason to ask you for your IT password OR to login to any online portal or borrower account to confirm your account status or re-register for library membership or access to online resources.

If you are ever in doubt about an email you’ve received, please visit the University homepage and look for a contact email or phone number to follow up with a member of University staff directly – do not use any emails or weblinks provided in the suspicious email.   The Library can be reached via

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Book student Group Study Spaces online

Following student requests and consultation with SSLCs, the Library has converted its bookable workrooms from a sign-up sheet system to an online system, managed by Timetabling. This will be run as a trial throughout Semester 2 to gauge its effectiveness compared to the paper system.

There are several benefits. For example, you will be able to:

  • Book rooms more than a week in advance
  • Explore bookable group workrooms across the University in one system. Group Study Spaces are located in selected rooms in the Library, Chancellors’ Building, 1W, 8W, Norwood House and Workstations in 8W 1.28
  • Book online rather than in person – you can explore availability online without having to visit the room in person. Bookings can also be made via a QR code on door signage, using a web enabled camera phone

Online booking of Library student group study spaces - semester 2

The group spaces on Library Level 1 (L1.12) and Level 4 (L4.30A – tables 1 and 2) are available to groups for 2hr slots, once per day, per group, between 08:15 – 22:05, as approved manually in the system by Timetabling. Be sure to book any weekend slots before 4pm on the preceding Friday, to avoid disappointment.

Please contact with any comments or feedback on this trial.

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Artfilms Digital trial access – stream films online until 30 April 2020

We have set up free trial access to the Artfilms Digital Collection so as to gauge interest and potential demand for this product. They offer educational institutions a choice of DVDs or subscription streaming for thousands of videos across a broad range of subject areas. There are more than 20 subject subdivisions. A few closely match our department interests, for example:

  • Architecture and Design (41 titles)
    g. Norman Foster; Bauhaus – Myth of the Modern; Dynamic Shapes – Architecture Through the Lens
  • History/Politics (41 titles)
    g. Heroes of the Enlightenment – Changing Society; Palestine Post 9/11; The Boy Mir – Ten Years in Afghanistan
  • Language/Literature (97 titles)
    g. Introduction to French Literature; Identity: Defining Ourselves Through Language; Interpreting in Legal Settings

The trial access uses IP authentication. If you are connected you will see ‘Connected with University of Bath’ at the top of the interface. You may need to refresh your browser to ensure you are successful.

artfilms digital - educating imagination

If you have any feedback on this product and trial access, please contact



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Study spaces for revision and exams

quietPlease be considerate to your fellow students during the revision period by keeping noise to a minimum on the Library’s quiet floors (Levels 1, 3 and 4) and maintaining silence on Level 5. Don’t forget we also have our newer Level 1 Quiet Study Area which has 115 seats.

Quiet and silent study space is very popular at this time of year. In the past we have been asked to clear desks that have been ‘reserved’ by students by leaving their belongings unattended for long periods of time. For January, we would like to try a different, student-led approach in agreement with the SU:

The Library will be introducing ‘take a break’ slips which you can leave on your desk to indicate when you are on a short break or a longer break, up to 90 mins e.g. for lunch. You can find these slips outside our Information Points and at the Issue Desk on Level 2. If you are not going to be using your study space for a longer period of time, please take your belongings with you.


There is a wealth of information on alternative study spaces both on and off-campus which you can make use of for revision.

For information on Library spaces (group, individual, bookable) and other study venues around campus see: study areas and bookable workrooms. We aim to collate extended opening hours for Learning Commons on this page once announced.

There are also other rooms available on campus including the various Learning Commons and Graduate Commons. Here is a quick virtual tour of these spaces. Why not try our quick study space personality quiz, to find out which suits you best?

The University is again making additional spaces available to students for study. Dates and times of rooms available are listed by week.

Find out more from the web pages listed below and keep an eye on the Library homepage and Instagram account for more information – for example a display of exam skills and stress busting books on Level 2. The SU has a lot going on too, so be sure to check out their Study Well page for events!

Please also remember to observe our food and drink regulations – reusable, bottled/lidded drinks are acceptable. Food can be consumed in the Snack Area at the front of Level 2 but not beyond the entry gates.

Good luck with your exams!
The Library

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Reduced Library services on Monday 16 December

Library staff are taking part in an ‘Away Day’ training event on Monday 16 December. We will be maintaining a minimal service from the Library’s Issue Desk. If you require support from Information and Subject Librarians from the Subject Floors (Levels 3-5), normal services will resume on Tuesday 17 December. We will endeavour to respond to any enquiries received online or via answerphone during our absence as soon as possible.

Please also note that due to a scheduled SAMIS Student Database upgrade taking place on Monday 16 to Tuesday 17 December, the Library Issue Desk will be unable to make any new or replacement Library cards.  Library card production will start again from Wednesday once the upgrade has been completed.

Services relating to Loan items, Returns and collection of Requested items are not affected by the SAMIS upgrade.

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Christmas Vacation Loans

Library Christmas tree

In line with past years, the Library will attempt to automatically extend user loans on library stock from the subject floors so that books can be borrowed during the Christmas vacation period without being due for return between Friday 6 December to Wednesday 8 January when many students will be away from campus.

For full details and advice on the renewal of loans over the Christmas vacation and when your books will be due for return or renewal please visit our Vacation Loans webpage

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