Extra PCs in the Library for campus-based students

Campus-based students looking for PCs to use for exams and revision, look no further! The Library building may still be closed, but we have made 23 PCs available in the foyer 24/7 for those of you who may not have computer access in your campus accommodation. 💻

These PCs are spaced well apart, in line with government advice. There are also 2 multi-functional printers available in this area. We ask that you observe social distancing and use hand sanitizer to help protect yourself and others.

Study well and good luck with your exams, from all our Library staff! 📄✏

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B&NES Library service – join online for e-books audiobooks and more!

B&NES public library service is currently offering an extended digital temporary membership (currently 4 months) and with this any member can access all of their digital offers.  You can sign up here

Digital offer – all available free via app or Computer:

  • Cloud Library – e-Books
  • BorrowBox – e-Audio
  • RB Digital – e-Magazine and e-Comics

Once public libraries are able to re-open, temporary users will need to visit the library to get full membership to continue their access and normal joining rules will apply.

Students, faculty and their families may find this incredibly useful during lockdown, particularly as the public libraries fiction collections are far more extensive than our own! It is well worth following them on social media, where they post regularly on their online offer:

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Extra study skills and wellbeing e-books added to our Library Lists

We have recently added some more e-books to our Read Well and Study Skills collections in order to support you while you study remotely. 📚

Our Read Well collection includes resources on anxiety, depression, body image, mindfulness and physical health. Our Study Skills collection includes resources on managing stress for exams, revision/study skills, plus planning your coursework.

All at the Library wish you a safe and successful exam period!

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Update for Library members May 2020

As the UK lockdown related to Covid-19 continues and the Library is closed, many borrowers may have concerns about the library books you have in your possession.  Similarly, some of you may have question about your library card/membership as you are going on placement or have a new course or contract end date compared to the expiry date printed on your card.

Of course many students are graduating this summer and will have questions and concerns about returning outstanding library loan items while away from campus.

The general advice for everyone is that the Library will go on extending your item loan periods until it is possible for books to be returned to campus.

We’ve reviewed and extended registration periods for returning students as detailed in the post linked below.

Additionally, we will be contacting graduating students with library loans directly in the coming days to gather information and offer advice about returning your loan items when circumstances permit.

Library staff have drafted a more detailed update statement here for your reference.

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Houseplant hero rescues Library plants (and offers top tips)

Hello Plant Lovers!

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Hiba Khan. A postgraduate student pursuing MSc Finance and I live on-campus accommodation. I call myself a Plant Aficionado and my favourite houseplants are Pothos, Sansevierias (the hard to kill plants) and Philodendrons.

While you’re spending time at home during these difficult times, indoor plants can not only beautify your space but also uplift your mood and can actually get your body moving! I have grown a mini indoor jungle in my room. Their beautiful colours are such a stress buster when I am having my lows.

This is the photo of my plants corner. It includes a Monstera, RattleSnake Calathea, Alocasia Polly, an English Ivy and a Golden Barrel cactus.

Now that you have seen my mini indoor jungle, I would like to share my experience of how I rescued some of the plants in the library and had my Houseplant Hero moment!

On my way to LimeTree, to grab the meals provided by the University, I cross a window every day where my eyes got trapped by the charm of some indoor plants. When I came closer to the window, I saw the plants inside were on the verge of dying and had been longing for a good water soak. That is when I turned my Detective Conan mode on and tried to figure out how I can contact the owner of the plants. I realised that it was the Library building and so I looked up online for the library staff and wrote down an email to all of them (some 50ish contacts) requesting if I could access the office and water the plants.

I now started to wait for a reply from the Library team and to my surprise, the next morning; the library team put me in contact with Lizzie (the library archivist) and soon we planned my trip to the library so I could come in and rescue the plants and have my heroic moment.

When I went in, there were several kinds of plants. From a large Boston Fern to a dramatic Peace Lily, some Chinese Money plants and Sansevierias. I wasted no time and got to work. I trimmed off some dead foliage off the Boston Fern and Peace Lily so that it pushes out new growth. I watered the plants till the soil was completely moist and made sure the extra water drains out of the pots properly. Also, since the plants are locked down and we don’t know when the owners will be able to come to the library to pick their beautiful plants; I placed all the pots near windows so that they all get enough Sun Light.

Boston Fern, Peace Lily, Sansevierias, Chinese Money Plant.

Left to right: the beautiful Boston Fern after pruning. The Peace Lily and Sansevierias after a good soak. The Chinese money plant placed in front of the window.

I had a sense of relief when the plants gulped in litres of water and also guided Lizzie on how to look after them from there onwards. I know she will do amazing!

Taking good care of your houseplants involves a few basic tips:

  1. Water- Moderation is the Key!

If you are a beginner, there are chances you might be thinking that you aren’t watering your plants enough, when in fact the reality is that you are overwatering!

Houseplants hate to have a “wet feet” and this can also cause root rot. Make sure that your plants are potted in a well-draining soil mix. This allows excess water to drain from the pot and provides breathing room for the roots.

To check if your plants need water, the key is to insert your finger in the soil and see if the soil sticks to your finger, if it doesn’t; it needs water!

That means a watering schedule of once or twice a week is suitable for most plants, where you water the plant thoroughly but infrequently. When I water my houseplants, I will pour water onto the soil at a slow, deliberate pace, until the water starts escaping from the drainage holes of the container. That’s your signal to stop watering!

  1. Light 

We all learnt this in our school time, Plants need Light in order to photosynthesise (Basic Science kids!). Depending on what type of plant you have, its light requirement also varies. Plants like Aloe Vera love Direct Sunlight whereas Boston Ferns, Chinese Money plants want bright, indirect light.

  1. Temperature

The warmer months are approaching and the good news is that your houseplants will love this! Just keep in mind to provide the plants with some air circulation, and rotate its face!

Keep plants away from areas of cold drafts in the winter. The warmer it gets for houseplants, the happier they are!

These are some basic houseplant tips that will help you be a Houseplant Hero.

Happy Planting!

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Temporary relaxation of the HEI Copyright Licence during COVID-19

The Library building may be closed, but the Library Scanning Service for Academics continues to operate. Please submit digitisation requests for course readings through our web form.

We have been unable to scan from our print collection since staff were sent home, but we can still access scans made by 145 other institutions who use the Digital Content Store (DCS) and we are able to use scans made by academic staff as long as the item is covered by our licence.

Last week, after consulting with members and publishers, the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) announced a temporary relaxation of two clauses in our Higher Education Copyright Licence that will allow us to scan from items we wouldn’t normally be allowed to scan from and to scan a larger percentage from material published by certain publishers.

These changes will last until normality resumes or 30 June 2020 at which point any scans made under these relaxed clauses will be removed. To make use of these exemptions’ scans must be hosted in the DCS, so please continue to use our service instead of posting your own scans to Moodle.

If you have any questions, please contact us at library-scanning@bath.ac.uk

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Resources made available by publishers due to COVID-19

Staff and student access to our Library’s electronic resources off-campus is continuing as normal. For those interested, our Research Services provide a list on finding open access publications in a tabbed section on this page.

Content unlocked by publishers

The following Google Docs list the various online resources unlocked temporarily by publishers to support off-campus study by students and the move to online teaching by academics:

Alternative lists:

Copyright and online learning

The following may be useful for those teaching online if you have questions about copyright and online learning:

At the request of the authors, Facet Publishing has made several chapters of the book, ‘Copyright & E-learning: A guide for practitioners’ available.

Library advice during COVID-19

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