Are you printing in the Library? Please read this message


The University is transferring to a new print service.

The new service (using printers supplied by Sharp) is now operational in the Library and three Departments:
Academic Skills Centre, Architecture and Civil Engineering and Chemistry.

The service used by all other departments and the Virgil Building will transfer between July and September.

The old service (using machines supplied by Canon) will remain operational in the Library alongside the new service until the end of August when all Canon printers will be removed.

Please note: Any print credit you have on the old system will automatically transfer to the new service every time you use a Sharp printer.

Printing from Library PCs

When you print from a PC in the Library you have now two choices of printer.

UPS2 (set as the Library default): Select this if the only printing you need to do will be in the Library or in the three departments listed above. This gives you access to the new (Sharp) service.

PostScript: Select this if you prefer to continue to use your remaining print credit on the old (Canon) service whether in the Library, the Virgil Building, or in all departments other than the above.

Moving credit from Sharp to Canon system

If you need to move your credit back from the new (Sharp) service to the old (Canon) system please ask the Copy and Print team in the Library. Direct line:  01225 386836

Further information can be found here:


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National award for collaborative work on principles for responsible metrics

We are very pleased to announce that Katie Evans of the University Library and Katy McKen from Research & Innovation Services (RIS) have been awarded a national award at the ARMA conference this week.

ARMA is the Association for Research Managers and Administrations, and it was durinarmag their annual conference that the award was presented for Collaboration in Research Management and Administration.  Katie and Katy were nominated by Jon Hunt, Director of RIS, for their work on the University of Bath Principles of Research Assessment and Management released earlier this year.

The Principles were developed by a University wide working group with academic and professional services representatives and have been approved by Senate. The Group initially undertook an information gathering phase seeking to identify good practice internally and externally, including a survey via the ARMA Metrics SIG mailing list.  This informed the subsequent development of the statement of principles.

The principles describe how all research assessment and management at the University of Bath is:

  • Centred on expert judgement
  • Set in the broader environment
  • Supported by reliable data
  • Tailored: one size does not fit all
  • Transparent

Congratulations to both Katie and Katy on this award which demonstrates a brilliant example of collaborative working across services.

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New University Print Service


The University is in the process of changing its printing equipment supplier from Canon to Sharp.  Brand new printers will be available in the Library for students from Tuesday 13th June.

Do take a look at the University Print Service web pages for an insight into how to use the new system.  Copy and Print staff will also be on hand to help you get used to the new equipment.:  University Print Service from Sharp




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Winner of the Library Survey prize draw announced!

The Library’s 2017 LibQual survey ran for 4 weeks this February, and we’d like to say thank you, to all 1,509 people who completed the survey questionnaires.  The results give us really useful feedback on our services.

We’re currently looking in more detail at the results we’ve now received, and will be reporting back to all Departments and to University committees.

The survey included a free prize draw, open to everyone who took part, and the randomly selected winner was Kian Poursadegh-Sadigh, a second year student from the Department of Mathematical Sciences.  Kian received his Kindle prize today, presented by the Subject Librarian for Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science, Emma Stuart Edwards and Head of Library Academic Services, Hannah South:


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Silent & quiet study during revision and exams

quietPlease be considerate to your fellow students during the revision period by keeping noise to a minimum on the quiet floors (Levels 3 and 4) and maintaining silence on Level 5.

Quiet and silent study space is very popular at this time of year. As a result, students have requested that unattended personal items left in order to reserve Library desks are removed to allow others to use the space. Please be aware that Library staff may remove unattended personal items and take them to Security for safekeeping.

As an additional step, our Library Level 4 meeting room is being converted to permanent extra study space to increase our capacity. For more information on Library spaces and other study venues around campus see: study areas and bookable workrooms.

There are also other rooms available on campus including the various Learning Commons. The latest to be added is on Level 2 of Norwood House.

Opening times for the Learning Commons are:

  • 6WS:  8:15 am – 7:15 pm
  • 6E2.8:  8:00 am – 11:05 pm
  • Norwood House Level 2:  Mon-Fri 8:00 am – 10:00 pm (includes bookable group work and interview rooms)
  • Virgil Building, from 8th May until 1st June opening times have been extended to midnight, i.e. Mon-Fri 8:00 am to midnight;  Sat-Sun 10:00 am to midnight
  • Library Level 2 Learning Commons: 24/7

The University is again making additional spaces available to students for study. Dates and times of rooms available are listed by week (6 May – 2 June).

Good luck with your exams!
The Library

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Library heating switches off to allow vital repair work: afternoon of 4 – 5 May

Due to essential repairs to a leak on the high temperature hot water pipework system the heating to all levels of the Library will be switched off later this afternoon.  This will allow the pipework to cool down sufficiently so that the actual repair, scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning, can be carried out.  Heating should be restored to the Library by early afternoon unless an unforeseen problem occurs.

This works will not affect the hot and cold water supplies to toilets or kitchen areas.

We apologies for any inconvenience.

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Graffiti board comments – April 2017

After a brief hiatus whilst we focused on collecting your views via our LibQual survey, we are re-opening graffiti board comments. We are currently analysing over 1,500 survey responses and will provide feedback in due course. Thanks again to all of you who took the time to let us know what you think!

Many of the issues raised in the comments over April have already been
answered in previous posts which you can check out for more information

Your latest comments:

‘Socket on every table’ / ‘It’s not a free PC if some (idiot) sits in front of it with a laptop’

We agree that a socket on every table would be ideal. A major electrical upgrade took place in January. Prior to that the building was at its power limit, ‘running hot’, and we were unable to add more devices or power sockets. Since the upgrade we have been working to increase the number of sockets on desks, with several fitted this Semester e.g. in the Level 3 Quiet Study area. We are also working with Computing Services to identify areas for additional PCs and sockets. As we continue on our programme of refurbishment our priority will be to ensure all desks have sockets. This will be a gradual ongoing process.

Improving Library study space is important to us and as we increase the number of powered desks for ‘bring-your-own-device’ study, this should alleviate pressure on desks with fixed PCs plus power sockets. Given the high demand at this time of year, there will still be competition of space, particularly at the front of the Library at peak times of the day. If you have concerns about access to workstations please talk to a member of Library staff or Computing Services at point of need. There are also several new Learning Commons on and off campus which offer alternative space. For example, Norwood House Level 2 Learning Commons has just opened.

‘Microwave in the pantry area’

In the Library we have a snack area in the entrance to your right as you enter the building, before passing through the gates. You are welcome to eat and drink in this area. We have refurbished the space and improved the vending machines. We regret that we cannot offer a microwave. There are many outlets for food and drink and ‘heat and eat’ stations close to the Library on the Parade. Unfortunately we have had complaints in the past regarding hot food smells and our cleaners are already over-stretched clearing food waste in the main part of the Library, which shouldn’t be there; Our policy for all areas through the entry gate is for bottled water only.

‘Less books more tables’

As with socketed desks, we are also in agreement here and over the past couple of years have radically reduced the number of books in our collections via a large weeding and project. New seating areas have been added. In 2016 we added over 70 more seats on Level 2 alone and since then two large offices have been repurposed as study spaces on Level 3. Library Level 2 Learning CommonsOur Level 4 meeting room will be converting to a dedicated study space from the revision period onward.

This year we are focusing on a major journal review to identify additional space for future development. We are limited somewhat by fire safety and ventilation capacity in terms of how many seats we can add. Additionally, we want a good study environment rather than densifying too much, so there is a fine balance to achieve. We are working on this and you can expect further improvements over time. We would love to hear what you think of the spaces we have upgraded so far!

‘Some people, including staff, keep talking on level 5. It’s annoying’

As we approach the revision and assessment period we will be reverting to silent study across the subject floors, not just Level 5. We will be re-iterating the importance of respecting your fellow students and we will also be making additional space available. Some students will want to work in groups and there are still spaces available where this is appropriate, for example Level 2 and group work rooms.

quietGenerally speaking our quiet/silent policies are self-policing, but if you have any concerns please speak to a member of Library staff and we will do our best to help. We particularly ask students to be mindful when moving between floors, leaving the lift, or answering phone calls (please use the stairwells and keep phones set to silent). Please be aware that some areas are almost impossible to keep silent, such as PC areas where the background sound of machines and typing is fairly constant.

Wherever possible our staff also do our best to keep noise to a minimum, including within our offices. With stock moves and other projects on the floor this has been trickier. We apologise for any inconvenience. We try our best to be approachable so please do let us know if you have any concerns.

We wish you all the best with your exams and are doing our best to provide you with a welcoming and conducive learning environment. Your comments as always are much appreciated.

Warm regards,
The Library

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