Country Life Magazine Archive 1897-2005

countrylifeWe have just acquired the Country Life magazine digital archive which features content from the very first issues in 1897 up to 2005. These are fully searchable in ProQuest’s database platform, which also includes several other architecture magazine archives we purchased in the last year – including online back issues for Architectural Review; The Architects’ Journal; The Canadian Architect, Apollo and more.

Country Life (formerly Country Life Illustrated) is a fantastic resource for 20th Century rural living, with a lot of detailed articles for those interested in architecture and landscaping, antiques and fine art, leisure and lifestyles, agriculture and much more. For those studying the conservation of historic buildings, the high quality images of historic interiors are a fantastic resource in themselves, many being rare or unique.

countrylife2The magazine is still going strong. In addition to our print back issues our longstanding subscription includes all subsequent content (2005 onward), shelved on Level 3 of the Library at PER 72. The most recent issue can be found in the associated Current Journal display in the North East corner of the floor.



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Silent & quiet study during revision and exams

quietPlease be considerate to your fellow students during the revision period by keeping noise to a minimum on the quiet floors (Levels 3 and 4) and maintaining silence on Level 5.

Quiet and silent study space is very popular at this time of year. As a result, students have requested that unattended personal items left in order to reserve Library desks are removed to allow others to use the space. Please be aware that Library staff may remove unattended personal items and take them to Security for safekeeping.

For more information on Library spaces, Learning Commons and other study venues around campus see: study areas and bookable workrooms. The University is again making additional spaces available to students for study. Dates and times of rooms available are listed by week (7-25 Jan).

Good luck with your exams!
The Library

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Quiet Study Rooms for assessment period now available.

To support student revision during the January assessment period, the University has timetabled a number of study rooms to be available at various times in the coming weeks.

You can find all the information about which rooms will be available and when you can use them from the Timetabling webpage

The Library will print out these times for each week for display in the Library foyer.

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Library refurbishment work during Christmas vacation

Level 1 unavailable, 13 Dec 2018 – 7 January 2019, during refurbishment

You may have noticed the lighting in the Level 1 training room has just been upgraded.  During the vacation, we’re going to be working to bring the technology and décor up to spec.

From 13th Dec to 7th January Level 1 will be inaccessible, while equipment is moved and the  training room, adjacent study space and main corridor to the floor are all fully refurbished. New carpets, AV equipment (projectors and microphones) signage and artwork will all be added.  While work is underway during this period, the public lift will not go down to Level 1.

Level 5 Postgraduate workroom temporarily unavailable 14 December – c.21 December 2018

The Level 5 Postgraduate workroom and desks between the workroom and staff lift will be temporarily unavailable while the study area  is recarpeted and refurbished.  New  desks and seating will be added to the East side of level 5 on Tuesday and Wednesday 8th – 9th January 2019, creating 14 additional study spaces with power sockets.

PCs Level 3 and Level 5

The PC areas at the front of both Level 3 and Level 5 will be unavailable on 17-18 December whilst Computing Services install new all-in-one stands.  The work will complete this year’s upgrade to the PCs, with modern, height-adjustable and compact stands fitted for all the new machines installed during the summer vacation.

We apologise for any disruption during these essential works over the Christmas period.  Study spaces, including PC and quiet areas, will remain available on floors 2 to 5 throughout this time.

If you have any questions, please contact library staff:

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Christmas Vacation Loans

In line with past years, the Library will attempt to automatically extend user loans on library stock from the subject floors so that books can be borrowed during the Christmas vacation period without being due for return between Saturday 8 December to Wednesday 9 January when many students will be away from campus.

For full details and advice the renewal of loans the Christmas vacation and when your books will be due for return or renewal please visit our Vacation Loans webpage.

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Explore our new 3D Library floorplans

We have just introduced interactive 3D floorplans of the Library. These replace the 2D plans you may be familiar with accessing via our Library catalogue records for print items.

These plans are principally to help users locate items from the catalogue, by highlighting the area of shelves in which the item should be located according to the level and class number. See this example for a book in the 370s on level 5.

There is also a searchable menu from which users can select other entities to locate too, for example:

  • Where to study e.g. individual, group, silent bookable/non-bookable and more
  • Where to get help e.g. service and info points
  • Find resources e.g. archives, language learning resources, short loan and more
  • Copy & Print e.g. location of everything from staplers to the change machine!
  • Toilets and amenities e.g. snack area, first aid, gender neutral toilets

You can tilt and rotate a plan using your mouse by holding down the left hand button, pan (move the plan around) by holding down the right hand button, and scroll in and out using the wheel. The plans work well on mobile phones and tablets too: use two fingers to tilt and rotate, pinch to zoom, and one finger to pan.


How were the plans made?

The software used to create the plans is provided by Wagner Wayfinder. It is used by a handful of other university libraries including Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester. They produced the floorplans in Sketchup using Estates CAD drawings. We manage the menus and locations in our plans via an admin website. It uses WebGL to render the graphics in the web browser.

Your feedback

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or contacting us at  Please be aware that whilst we are relocating books on Level 4, the exact floor plan locations for materials will be less precise.

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‘Times of Revolt, Revolting Times’ comes to the Library

The Library is hosting a small exhibition of posters and banners created by young people from Bath. You can see it on Level 2 of the Library from the 22nd to the 27th of November 2018. Members of the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies (PoLIS) secured a small grant from the Being Human Festival to organise a public workshop focussed around the topics of women’s suffrage in the UK and May 68 in Paris.


The participants of this workshop are all pupils, students, and young adults from the Twerton area of Bath. The exhibition consists of a selection of posters and banners created during the workshop. Dr Sandra Daroczi, Teaching Fellow in French Studies, organised the event, and the curated the exhibition. Project partners, Bath City Football Club, are hosting the workshop at their Twerton Park ground.

The Being Human Festival is an annual national festival of the humanities organised by the School of Advance Study London. You can learn more about the events happening across the country from the festival web pages (

To accompany the exhibition, the Library is presenting some of the banners via its Instagram account and displaying a selection of books and DVDs from its collection that are evocative of the issues and period represented by the Times Of Revolt, Revolting Times exhibition.


Interested in the themes of this exhibition, then perhaps check out some the BFI website for some video on Women’s suffrage, perhaps take a video from our DVD collection (for example “Tout Va Bien” by Godard and Gorin, or Milou en Mai by Malle), or read some of the Library’s books related to this topic:

‘Paris May 1968’ Readings

Dreyfus-Armand, G., 2000. Les années ’68, le temps de la contestastion. Paris: Editions Complexe

Filoche, G., 1998. ’68-‘98 histoire sans fin. Paris: Flammarion

Grimaud, M., 1977. En mai, fais ce qu’il te plait. Paris: Editions Stock

Le Goff, J-P., 1998. Mai ’68, l’héritage impossible. Paris: Syros

Posner, C., 1970. Reflections on the revolution in France: 1968. London: Penguin

Ross, K., 2002. May ’68 and its afterlives. London: University of Chicago Press

Ross, K., 2005. Mai 68 et ses vies ultérieures. Chicago: University of Chicago Press

Salvaresi, E., 1988. Mai en héritage. Paris: Syros

Seidman, M., 2004. The imaginary revolution: Parisian students and workers in 1968. Oxford: Berghahn Books

Singer, D., 1970. Prelude to revolution – France in May 1968. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Southend Press .

Tartakowsky, D., 1997. Les manifestations de rue en France 1918-1968. Paris: Publications de la Sorbonne.

‘Women’s Suffrage in Britain’ Readings

Farris, S. R, 2017. In the name of women’s rights: the rise of feminonationalism. London: Duke Universtity Press

Fulford, R., 1957. Votes for women. London: Faber

Garner, L., 1984. Stepping stones to women’s liberty. London: Heinemann

Liddington, J. and Norris, J., 1978. One hand tied behind us: the rise of the women’s suffrage movement. London: Virago

Mackinnon, C., 2005. Women’s lives, men’s laws. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press

Pankhurst, E., 1971. My own story. New York: Kraus Reprint Co.

Pankhurst, R., 1979. Sylvia Pankhurst: artist and crusader. London: Virago

Pankhurst, Sylvia, 1977. The suffragette movement. London: Virago

Romero, P. W., 1987. E. Sylvia Pankhurst: portrait of a radical. New Haven: Yale University Press

Walby, Sylvia, 1999. New agendas for women. New York: St Martin’s Press

Wollstonecraft, M., 1792. A vindication of the rights of women. Available as an ebook via the library catalogue.


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