Department of Social and Policy Sciences achieve milestone in REF Open Access journey

Every six weeks or so, we check each of our Departments’ progress towards compliance with the HEFCE Open Access Policy .

This policy asks for journal articles and conference proceedings (with ISSN) to be deposited in a repository from acceptance for publication.  The articles will usually be the accepted manuscript and there may be a publisher imposed embargo, as long as it’s within the guidelines (we also have a ‘Request a copy/contact author’ button for access to the full text).

If we had a REF today (hypothetically), could any of our outputs be eligible for submission under this policy? 

Academic colleagues in the Department of Social and Policy Sciences have reached the point where any of their journal articles could be submitted – they’ve placed an accepted manuscript or published PDF (if Gold OA) into our repository for all of their eligible outputs, forming good habits for when the policy shortly comes into effect. This is largely a result of training, advocacy and a determined Open Access champion in the department!

 Well done to the Department of Social and Policy Sciences!


About Kara

Head of Library Research Services at the University of Bath Library
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